This Ad For A Dallas Vintage Toy Shop Speaks To The Five-Year-Old In All Of Us

It’s about to be that time of year where the ads get so thick with nostalgia and sentimentality that turning on your TV for an hour is virtually a guarantee that you’re going to end up with tears streaming down your face. You turn on the game, and suddenly you’re listening to swelling strings and thinking about how your Nana died when you were 12, or how your little girl grew up too fast and your death is impending, so buy some friggin’ Christmas presents already.

Classic toy shop Dallas Vintage Toys has seen ’em all, and their agency Dieste found a way to tweak that formula in a way that’s extremely satisfying. The “dad helps his young son build a costume” trope is done to death, and the first half of the commercial indulges that fully, hitting all of the notes we’re accustomed to–an acoustic guitar score, a dedicated boy sketching his dream costume, some father/son bonding over the project–before revealing the note-perfect twist that feeling like you’re five is way better than being five, as the dad unveils his high-end, ultra-realistic robot costume to his son.

Adults being mean to little kids never stops being funny, and it’s the perfect way to advertise a store that sells a sealed Return of the Jedi Imperial Shuttle for $800 or a 1986 Shazam! action figure from DC’s SuperPowers line for $450. If you’re drawn to those things–and you’ve got the money to spend on ’em–you’re probably the sort of person who dreams of a robot suit like the one in the ad, and Dallas Vintage Toys wants you to know that that’s okay.