This Beautiful Briefcase Is Made From Trees

A unique way to carry your papers, courtesy of every part of a tree–from resin, to wood pulp, to fiber.

The Tree Bag is made from–you guessed it–trees. But only the handle is made from the trunk of the tree aka the wood. The rest is made from all the parts of the three that can be taken without killing it. The result is a beautiful briefcase with the gets-better-with-age properties of leather, but without all the mess of harvesting cows.


The exterior of the bag is made from coconut husk fiber, the hairy part of the shell. This is pressed with resin to make a tough exterior for the case. The inside is rubber, drained from trees and dried in the sun. This layer also waterproofs the case, and, as it isn’t vulcanized (like bike tires, say), it’s biodegradable.

Next up is the handle, fashioned from walnut wood from sustainably-managed forests. The handle is polished with beeswax. Even the thread used to sew the bag together is made from wood pulp, instead of thirsty cotton.

The construction takes place in Amsterdam in the Netherlands, and the bags are sewn by people with disabilities. And when you finally get sick of the bag, or it’s just plain worn out, everything is biodegradable, so you can bury it in the backyard and wait for the worms to eat it. Just remember to remove the brass screws first.

It’s hard not to like this bag, but you might balk at the price. The large briefcase is €245 ($270), despite no dead animals being involved in its manufacture. Then again, the cost to your conscience is zero, plus you can always opt for one of ReWrap’s notebook or tablet sleeves, which are made from felted wool and start at just €30 ($33). They’re sewn in the same workshop as the Tree Bag, and the Merino sheep that provide the wool live on “ethical” farms, say the makers.

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