Makerbase Invites Creators To Share Their Inspirations

Makerbase, a site that launched in August as a user-edited, searchable database of Internet creators and projects, has rolled out some updates that make the site more like a social network. People with profiles on Makerbase can now list and tag other makers who have inspired their work, and a new activity stream on the site’s homepage will show users which projects their friends have been working on.

Entrepreneur and tech blogger Gina Trapani, who founded Makerbase with Anil Dash, said the updates to the three-month-old website aim to make it “more of a community.” The new “Inspirations” feature allows users, who log into the site using a Twitter account, to list on their profiles the people who have inspired them. “Inspirations is a shift from what we were doing before. It’s more of a personal experience,” Trapani told Fast Company.

A new section of the site, called Explore, surfaces projects and creator profiles that are trending or new. In a blog post for Makerbase, Dash wrote:

One of the biggest requests we heard from all of you is that you wanted to see the projects and people that are bubbling up all over the site. So, we hooked you up: “Explore Makerbase” lets you see which projects and makers are trending or have just been added, and even lets you see who’s been most inspiring.

Users of Makerbase can list projects they have worked on, along with collaborators and their roles. According to Trapani, nearly 10,000 users have edited the site since it launched in August, adding “tens of thousands” of maker and project pages. At launch, Dash had described the site as “like IMDb, but for apps, websites, podcasts, and Internet stuff.”