Watch The Emotions From Pixar’s “Inside Out” React To That “Star Wars” Trailer

You’ve already seen the latest Star Wars trailer a thousand times, and now you’re in good company. Along with the rest of the free world, apparently Riley–and her emotions–from Inside Out have also seen it, and she/they have an opinion.

Ever since Disney bought the rights to Star Wars years ago, fans have been worried about keeping the separation of church and state betwixt these two entities. One superfan recently even made a video mashing up Star Wars iconography with classic Disney characters, to show what horrors might lie ahead. Today’s synergistic offering, however, takes a walk on the delightful side of Star Wars‘s new home.

The video, which was just posted on Disney-Pixar’s official YouTube channel, uses some clever editing of scenes from Inside Out to make it look like Fear, Joy, Anger, and Sadness are watching the Force Awakens trailer along with Riley. Find out whether their collective emotional outbursts line up with yours by watching the video above.

[via Laughing Squid]JB