5 Great Free Apps For Making Your Videos Pop

Shoot with style, edit with ease, and convert like crazy.

Photos are sooooo 2014. It’s time to get serious about video. While the rest of your hooplehead friends are busy shooting shaky, blurry, non-edited clips, you could be crafting true stories–all for the low, low price of nothing.


Here are some great video apps to get you started.

1. Shoot, Edit, And Publish On The Go

Chances are you’ll be capturing a lot of video on your phone. In that case, VivaVideo (Android, iOS) is an excellent option for working with your footage. Tap into your artsy side with various filters and virtual lenses in capture mode, and breeze through edit mode to brush things up. You can add text, special effects, stickers, music, and voiceovers–it’s pretty fully featured for a smartphone app. Oh, and once you’ve put your masterpiece together, the app makes it a snap to share just about anywhere.

2. Make Some Quick Cuts

If you’re looking for the easiest way to remove unwanted bits from a video clip, try Free Video Editor (Windows). Load up your clip, set start and end points for the crud you’d like deleted, then click the big scissors icon. Repeat for any other unwanted sections, and click Save. You’ll get a new video file, with the original intact, just in case you still need it.

3. Go On Location

Want to pick up that live shot? Turn your phone into a powerful, pocketable streaming rig with Livestream (Android, iOS). It works similarly to pretty much any video capture app, except whatever you’re shooting will be streamed out live to other Livestream app users and the Livestream website. You can even live-chat with your viewers as you’re streaming your footage.

4. Get Serious

When it’s time to take things to the next level, you’ll want to check out a non-linear editor. While they’re generally not cheap, Lightworks (Linux, Mac, Windows) comes in a free offering that doesn’t skip too much on the features. The software sports an easy-to-learn interface, is able to import a ton of formats, and renders video into web-friendly formats up to 720p HD. You’ll need to pony up for additional features and higher-resolution output, but the free version is more than capable of getting you started. Windows users, also check out the free Windows Movie Maker.

5. Convert Anything To Anything

Once you’ve got all your videos ready to go, Any Video Converter (Mac, Windows) lives up to its name by converting just about any video into just about any format. It’s got a simple drag-and-drop interface, which you can use to bulk-convert multiple videos at a time into formats by type, resolution, and even device.