Try Taking These World Leaders Seriously When They Have Man-Buns

Lately, some men have taken to putting follicular bindles on top of their heads, and the trend cannot be stopped. Just as recently as last month, the New York Times was still talking about the phenomenon of the man-bun. (Or the scourge of the man-bun, depending on who you ask.) But such Styles section observations could not have possibly prepared us for a new project that posits a Planet of The Apes scenario in which man-buns have taken over the world–or it least our elected officials.

Previously, we’ve seen what world leaders might look like as hipsters–a term that basically means nothing anymore. Now, we’re getting a flavor of President Obama and company in man-bun country. Created by the team at DesignCrowd, these images will shake your trust in our safety to its fundamental core. After all, if you’ve had to contemplate a man with his finger on the button having a hairstyle that suggests he might at any moment start performing karate or the music of Rusted Root, it’s difficult to imagine him any other way.

Have a look at more world leaders with man-buns in the slides above.

[via Pleated Jeans]JB