• 10.27.15

This Fake Trailer For Kristen Wiig’s “Crying In a Sweater” Is Entirely Too Plausible

Kristen Wiig has done so many indie dramas now that this hilarious fake trailer seems par for the course.

The ability to laugh at yourself is important for staying humble. And when you’re as funny as Kristen Wiig, it means laughing at yourself harder than most.


During an appearance last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the comedic virtuoso with a penchant for indie dramas unveiled the trailer for her latest heart-wrenching slice-of-lifer. No, it wasn’t the forthcoming Nasty Baby, or a sequel to the recent Welcome To Me. Nor was it the follow-up to Hateship Loveship or Girl Most Likely. Instead, the trailer was for a nonexistent film called Crying In a Sweater, one that gently parodied all those mentioned above.

“Sometimes, I think it would be better if we just couldn’t feel,” Wiig says at the start of the trailer, in a tone that will be familiar to anyone who’s seen her recent work. The following two minutes find her in hilariously faux-poignant territory, wisely beating anyone else to the punch at making fun of her penchant for appearing in a certain kind of sad film. Not since South Park’sGay Cowboys Eating Pudding” has a fake indie movie hit the cathartic nail so firmly on the whimsical head.

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