Twitter Targets Brands With Its New Analytics Hub

In keeping with the trend of expanding its analytics capabilities, Twitter is catering to its advertiser base with Twitter Brand Hub. An analytics platform for brands, the Brand Hub is designed to track conversation in real time and gather data on tweets that mention their brand and products.

Currently available to select big-name brand advertisers and medium-size businesses in the Anglosphere, the service is intended to examine audience responses to large campaigns. “Brand Hub helps advertisers quickly understand their brand’s share of conversation, key audiences, and trends about their brand’s conversation,” Twitter wrote in a blog post. “This 360-degree, real-time view gives the brand the opportunity to learn, take action, and see the impact of their initiatives on Twitter.”

Twitter has also created a new feature called TrueVoice, which will “help advertisers track their share of conversation in real time.” TrueVoice will indicate what percentage of people are talking about the brand in question–along with how much chatter belongs to rival companies.

As Twitter continues to augment its internal analytics tools–including making that data available to users–it makes sense that it would offer detailed metrics to brands, a service that many advertisers are likely paying for elsewhere. What remains to be seen, however, is whether Twitter can provide meaningful information that will actually help brands improve their campaign strategies; up until last year, the company didn’t even open up its analytics dashboard to non-advertisers.

[via VentureBeat]