Defeat Writer’s Block In This Video Game And You’ll Do It In Reality Too

One hot tip for dealing with writer’s block is to focus on something else–say, a video game–and let the solution float up from your subconscious, which is still hard at work while you try to defeat Bowser or M. Bison or whoever. (I don’t know who the villains are in any video game made after 1992.) On the other hand, you might also try playing Elegy For a Dead World, the video game that actively helps users cure writer’s block.

Created by Dejobaan Games, Elegy is a somewhat amorphous game that relies, D&D-style, on its players to provide the narrative. As the sole survivor of a space exploration team on a mission to check out three uncharted worlds, you are prompted to offer new information that helps define the backstories of these new worlds. With each prompt the game provides, users must unlock more of their own hidden reservoirs of creatively–the perfect way for a writer to restore confidence, or some RPG-loving gamer to try something new.

Unlike typical video games, instead of facing off against Wario or whoever the bad guy was in Contra, the only one you’re battling here is your own inability to write more–which is now easier than ever to defeat.

Watch a video explaining more about the game below.

[via Visual News]

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