The Only Thing That’s Changed In New Apple Ads Is A Lot More Jamie Foxx

Just last week he was listening to his own song on the new iPhone 6S, but now Jamie Foxx doubles down on his Apple advertising with a couple of quick new spots. Both are helpful demonstrations of always-on, hands-free Siri. First he treats the digital assistant like a 21st-century Magic Mirror, then uses it to decide on starring in what sounds like Cowboys and Aliens 2.

The third spot once again has Lake Bell (who also got in front of the camera for a quick new Apple Watch ad) narrate us through stylishly quick-cut across scenes of people enjoying all the technological improvements of the iPhone’s 12-megapixel iSight camera, five-megapixel FaceTime HD camera, 4K video, screen flash, cinemagraph moving stills, and more. This time the celebrity cameo is NBA MVP Stephen Curry–fresh off teaming with Foxx to launch his newest Under Armour shoe–taking a sweet slow-mo video of some practice time.

Jamie Foxx’s full-court press of brand partnerships may have something to do with his new album dropping in May, and is timed perfectly with a new single release late last week.