The Force Awakens Again, IBM Goes Running Blind: The Top 5 Ads Of The Week

Playstation taps The Force of nostalgia, The ball boys from Bonds Australia are back, Stephen Curry changes the game for Under Armour.

The Force Awakens Again, IBM Goes Running Blind: The Top 5 Ads Of The Week

For those who love and obsess over pop culture nostalgia, this week was a mind-blowing, nipple-tingling nerdgasm of epic proportions. First, we all finally caught up to Marty McFly and Doc Brown to experience October, 21, 2015, and all the requisite brand and media appropriat…er, celebration that came with it. But all that was completely overshadowed by the blockbuster third trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens that helped skyrocket Monday Night Football ratings and break movie ticket sales records and websites. The Force will definitely be calling over the next two months, and it looks like just about everybody will be letting it in. Onward!


PlayStation 4/Star Wars Battlefront “The Return”

What: Two friends get to relive their Hoth-based childhood dreams thanks to this new Star Wars video game.
Who: PlayStation 4, BBH New York, EA Games
Why We Care: It’s tough to go wrong marketing anything Star Wars, but this spot adds an unexpected layer of heartwarming nostalgia that will no doubt convince many fans over 30 to make this game the newest addition to their collection.

Disney/Star Wars “The Force Awakens Trailer 3”

What: The third teaser for the seventh installation of a multigenerational space opera. Just watch it again.
Who: Disney Studios
Why We Care: Perhaps the most impressive part is how it defies a long-disturbing trend in trailerville that tells us all too much. We see more of the main characters and action than ever before and STILL have no idea what Episode VII really has in store for us. JUST LET IT IN.

Under Armour “The Curry Two | Flash”

What: To launch The Curry Two signature shoe from Under Armour, Jamie Foxx plays with Stephen Curry in the dark while making the case for how the reigning MVP has changed the game.
Who: Under Armour, Droga5
Why We Care: Another adrenaline-pumping, inspiring ad that stylishly keeps to the brand’s commitment of remaining the scrappy underdog of the sports world. This spot might’ve been cool enough with Curry dropping bombs in pitch blackness, but adding Foxx is the difference between hitting a three midway through the 2nd quarter and one at the final buzzer.


Bonds Australia “The Boys Part 2: Swim”

What: The ballsy Boys return to dramatize the complicated life of the family jewels
Who: Bonds Australia, Clemenger BBDO Melbourne
Why We Care: Because we never knew how traumatic our favorite pair of boxers could be.

IBM “Runkeeper”

What: A look at how blind ultra-marathoner Simon Wheatcroft uses fitness app Runkeeper and IBM data in his training, to help illustrate how cloud services fit into our everyday lives.
Who: IBM, The Barbarian Group
Why We Care: It could almost be a spot for Nike or Under Armour, but here the familiar themes of dedication and repetition, challenge and triumph, are used to market cloud data services. It’s just an inspiring sight to see Wheatcroft training as the app counts out his running to 100 miles and beyond, enough to maybe even get you excited about IBM.


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