Today in Tabs: I’m Not a Particle Man, I’m an Article, Man

What’s he like? It’s not important. Article man.

Today in Tabs: I’m Not a Particle Man, I’m an Article, Man
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Alexis Lloyd at the New York Times R&D Lab considered what “the article” might become in the era of Facebook Instant and Apple News, and she didn’t actually use the word “transclusion,” but nevertheless rediscovered the perpetually just-about-to-arrive folly of the semantic web:


For example, if I wanted to see all of the times Donald Trump has been quoted about immigration, there is no way to extract that information, much less create compelling reading experiences around it. But if every quote we publish was tagged and attributed, that would be a much more approachable task. Or if we identified every discrete event in an ongoing story as it was reported, then generating a dynamically updating timeline of that larger narrative would be similarly trivial.

We need some kind of Human Interference Task Force to inform future generations about the storage location and dangers of the semantic web. John Herrman skated gently past what he euphemistically called Lloyd’s “bigger project” of wrapping up Ted Nelson’s work on Xanadu real quick, and asked, “Why not let post types follow from the feed, rather than the other way around?” And that is a good question.

RSS is buried 1,000 feet below in permanently sealed salt caves.

YouTube is launching a subscription service called “YouTube Red,” or “RedTube” for short. Starting October 28, you can pay $10 a month to YouTube or $13 a month to YouTube and Apple for… I don’t know! Something, I guess! Videos maybe? It’s not for porn though–glad we got that clarified.

Airbnb is San Francisco’s passive-aggressive roomie, plastering the city with notes reminding some people that their mothers don’t live here to clean up after them and other individuals that the rent is always due on the first of the month.

Today in Lies: Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey told developers that he’s sorry about what happened, it was a mistake and it’ll never happen again, if you’ll just come back home he misses you so much and Twitter can change, honest, baby, it can all be so good again between us, why won’t you come back? And Marissa Mayer said that the top executives fleeing her doomed smithy are “the result of careful planning,” which Kara Swisher couldn’t even wait until after the headline to call bullshit.

Jeb! gave a stupid answer to what was, to be fair, a stupid question. Newly permanent editorial captain of Her Majesty’s Leaky Ship Gawker John Cook wants to “matter even more,” which appears to mean that people other than Tom Scocca should do some work that matters once in a while.

Today in Aggregation: Tech Insider embedded a zillion transparently fake notes from what has to be the most unbearable Instagram Dad. Earlier this month The Daily Mail cited Mallory Ortberg’s “Runaway Bunny” parody as the actual Margaret Wise Brown book, apparently in complete seriousness. Also, Wikileaks doxed CIA Director John Brennan and his whole extended family. Good and cool public service whistleblowing, gang. Can’t wait until the whole internet is ground up into pArticles!


The new emoji are here! But what are thoooose?

Good Things To Read: Jess Zimmerman went in search of the Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster for Eater but instead found out a lot about how we design public drinking establishments. Josh Eells has a long profile of semi-reclusive neo-Michael Jackson The Weeknd in Rolling Stone. Come for the hilarious Taylor Swift anecdote but stick around to find out what it’s like in the early days of what might turn out to be genuinely huge fame. And in The New Yorker Dot Com, Matthew J.X. Malady told us more about the time he found the ghost of his mother on Google Maps.

Today’s Ideas: Some things Joe Biden Could Do Instead of Running for President

Today’s Song: The Weeknd, “The Hills

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