This Mini, Portable Wind Turbine Could Charge Your Phone Or Power Your House

Einar Agustsson and his brother Agust Agustsson come from a long line of electricians. The family business is in making and fixing complex motors, like those at Iceland’s many renewable energy plants.

That explains how Einar and Agust could have developed a portable wind turbine from scratch (and in four sizes). “Since we’ve been young, we’ve been working for the family. We wanted to use that with our business education to build something new,” Einar says.

The Agustsson design, called The Trinity, is now on Kickstarter, where it’s been doing well. The unit stores power as well as generating it. The 50, 400, 1,000 and 2,500 watt versions come with batteries ranging from 7,500 to 300,000 amp-hours.

“Smaller wind solutions haven’t really been competitive to solar solutions. That’s because it’s more complex to set up and also it’s very expensive,” Einar says. “We wanted to change that and I think we’ve done that by making a lightweight product that is very easy to set up and has everything inside of it–the battery, the charge controller, and the inverter.”

The largest size (2500 watt) could provide enough power for a small house (though would obviously need backing up). The 1000 is good for RVs and boat owners, the Agustssons say, while the smallest 50 watt one is right for USB devices and laptops. The turbines can also back up electric cars when the grid isn’t available.

The Trinity turbine costs between $399 and $5999 for the largest version and can be set as a tripod, or laid flat, “depending on the circumstance.” It’s all-in-one turbine with plenty of use-cases. The Agustssons plan to ship in April, working from a facility in Reykjavik.