From Resume Mistakes To The Science Of Solitude: This Week’s Top Leadership Stories

This week, we learned how a Google recruiter weeds through resumes, why some startups are embracing more grownup perks, and what solitude can do to your brain.


Here are the stories you loved in Leadership for the week of October 19.

1. A Former Google Recruiter Reveals The Biggest Resume Mistakes

Scott Bacon reviewed some 3 million resumes during his stint as a Google recruiter. In that time, he learned a thing or two about what works and what doesn’t. Two of Bacon’s pointers: Highlight six to 10 skills and proficiencies, and scrap that “objective” statement at the top.

2. How Solitude Can Change Your Brain In Profound Ways

This week, writer Jane Porter explained why “moments of solitude—even small ones—when self-imposed, intentional, and fully appreciated, can have profound effects on our productivity and creative thinking.”

3. These Are The Top 25 Jobs With The Best Work-Life Balance

Glassdoor crunched the latest numbers based on 600,000 user reviews of employers and ranked the top 25 professions for work-life balance. “Data scientist” and “SEO manager” top the list. Here’s why.

4. Why More Tech Companies Are Rethinking Their Perks

Out with the foosball table, in with mandatory vacation: This week we learned why, as one startup leader explains, “a new class of web 3.0 startups now embraces truly first-rate benefits, which might be giving them a leg up in a viciously competitive tech arena.”

5. Seven Traits That Make Or Break Your Personal Brand

Like it or not, we’re all brand managers—at least when it comes to our own professional personas. These are the seven characteristics to get straight when positioning yourself to succeed in the workplace.