Finally, A Robot That Can Fold Laundry

Finally our scientists and innovators can rest. In fact, they can just plain retire, because civilization has reached its pinnacle. The Laundroid is a robot that can fold laundry. Anything mankind achieves from here on will be pointless.

Apparently we each will spend 375 days of our lives folding laundry, which seems hard to believe if you look at the state of most people’s clothes as they wander the streets. The machine, developed by Japans’s Seven Dreams, is a closet-sized box with a slot into which you pass your clothes. The Laundroid then uses a camera and performs image analysis to determine what kind of article it’s dealing with. This, says the BBC’s LJ Rich, is secret of the machine’s abilities.

“It took us 10 years to develop the prototype technology,” says Seven Dreams COE Shin Sakane, “and there are so many secrets in there.” Secrets that will surely be wrinkled out as soon as the Laundroid goes on sale.

Not that there’s any launch scheduled in the near future. The Laundroid may be able to fold a shirt or sweater perfectly, but it takes over four minutes per article of clothing to do it. If you have to stand in front of the thing and feed your clothes in shirt by shirt, then those 375 days we usually spend folding clothes start to seem like less of a waste of time.CS