See Realistic Depictions Of How “Back To The Future II” Tech Might Actually Look

As everyone on the Internet has celebrated over and over again, it’s Back To The Future day: The day that Marty McFly actually traveled to in Back To The Future II, when he emerged from his Delorean to October 21st, 2015, and a world he never saw develop. In this future, skateboards could hover, cars could fly, movies were holograms, and the Chicago Cubs (sigh) were winning the World Series.

In the real 2015, of course, skateboards are stuck with wheels, cars only fly when you hit a speedbump too hard, and our 3D technology in movies has improved only incrementally–and it’s yet to get anywhere close to 4D. (The less said about the Cubs, the better.) But what if those things did exist?

French digital artist Nicolas Amiard offers a vision of 2015 in which the cars–that is, the cars we have right now, like boxy pickup trucks and Scions (and, sure, the occasional sleek Mustang)–take to the skies in gif form; in which French teenagers in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower use their wheelless decks to show off on the ramp; and in which the cabs driving through Times Square are threatened by the stomping feet of a hologram Jurassic World Tyrannosaurus Rex. As visions of the future go, it’s not as boldly reimagined as the one that Marty McFly saw–but then, the future is literally now, so what more could you expect?

(h/t The Creators Project)DS