• 10.19.15

Tupperware On Expanding Your Customer Base Through Word Of Mouth

This video was developed in partnership with American Express OPEN Forum.

How did Tupperware go from a fledgling startup with a confusing product to a household brand? For the first half of the 20th century, plastics had no place in the kitchen – the material was meant for industrial use. So when Tupperware debuted the Wonderlier Bowl in 1946, no one understood what it was for. Two years later, all that changed. See how a saleswoman named Brownie Wise developed an early social strategy to expand and educate Tupperware’s customer base.

About the author

Bryan is the Technical Director of Video at Fast Company, FC Studios. He has been a professor at SUNY New Paltz teaching Digital Storytelling, Digital Media Writing, and Media & Society as well as the Technical Supervisor of Video at Hearst Digital Media.