The Gross Alt-Universe Where Disney Movies Didn’t Deviate From Their Source Material

Jason Porath’s Rejected Princesses project has been teaching us lately all about which fairy tale heroines were too badass for Disney. However, even the stories Disney did choose to tell instead have been watered down into a family-friendly fluidity. In doing so, it turns out, Disney spared generations of children some serious emotional scarring.

CollegeHumor has just released a series of illustrations depicting some particularly graphic deviations Disney made from the stories its films are based on. In the film Mulan, for instance, Mulan’s father does NOT die, her mom does NOT remarry, and Mulan does NOT subsequently kill herself to avoid being assigned as some dude’s concubine. And this ending isn’t even among the more grizzlier offerings. Others, like the story of Hercules, involve madness, child murder, and frequent nudity.

Have a look through the slides above, but only if you want to traumatize the part of you that will always remain a Disney kid.

[via CollegeHumor]JB