5 Great Free Apps To Help You Sell Anything

Collaborate, hunt down leads, track email, and more.

Your ability to sell stuff is what will ultimately keep your business afloat. So it’s time to lace up your wingtips, pound the pavement, and seal some deals.


Here are apps that can help you sell the sizzle–and the steak–more effortlessly than ever.

1. Get Your Team On The Same Page

Asana (Android, iOS, Web) helps you and your team work together to track current projects and deals. Break things down into tasks, chat with your coworkers, comment on ideas, and more. The app is free for teams of up to 15 people–perfect for smaller shops and startups.

2. Hone In On Your Leads

There are a jillion CRM tools, but Insightly (Android, iOS, Web) stands out with a slick interface and the low, low price of free for up to two users. Corral each of your contacts, adding helpful info such as how they’re connected to your other contacts, which company they work for, and your current sales opportunities with them. The app even doubles as a handy business card scanner.

3. Track Your Sales

If your manager is breathing down your neck, take Sales Tracking Calendar (Android, iOS) for a whirl. The app helps you track your sales by average deal size, objectives, and closing ratios, while giving you insight into your pipeline and reminding you to follow up on prior calls.

4. See Who’s Read That Email

Do a lot of business via email? Sidekick (Android, iOS, Web) might just become your favorite sales weapon. The app works with Gmail, Outlook, and Apple Mail to keep track of the messages you’ve sent out, letting you know when each one has been opened, how many times it’s been opened, which links were clicked, and even where the person who opened it was located at the time they opened it.

5. Seal It With A Signature

DocuSign (Android, iOS) makes digitally signing a document child’s play. Import whatever you need to sign from your email app or one of several popular cloud services, tap the signature line, and scratch out your John Hancock on the phone’s screen. You can then email the document or save it back to one of the cloud services.