These Hilariously Minimalist Fake Halloween Costumes Found Their Way Into a Store

This Halloween season has already had its fair share of costumes that nobody should ever wear. These abominations include Black Whopper and Green Poo, Sexy Pizza Rat, and anything pertaining to Caitlyn Jenner. Let’s set aside these atrocities that aimed for funny and missed, however, and take a look at some costumes that nobody can wear, but actually are funny.

Internet rascal Jeff Wysaski, the guy behind Pleated Jeans, has been placing fake signage in physical stores all year, as part of a project called Obvious Plant. Now, he’s brought the concept into Pumpkin Spice latte season by leaving fake Halloween costume placards among the other offerings in stores.

These efforts include hilariously minimalist ideas like Afraid of Socks, which consists of a pair of socks to be held at length away from your screaming face (only $19.99.) Some concepts mock well-trod Halloween culture (“Sexy Potato”), while others are just plain silly (the entire “Stephen” range of costumes.) The important thing to remember is that somebody somewhere who probably eventually bought a sexy pizza rat costume briefly contemplated instead being Rake Face.

Have a look through more of these costumes in the slides above.

[via Blame It On The Voices]JB