If Disney Villains Were Pin-Up Girls, It Would Look Like This

Outside of the Pirelli Calendar, you don’t really see many pin-up girls these days. Which is a good thing! However, there is still a lingering fascination with pin-up girl culture, perhaps most embodied by the burlesque movement, which encourages women to get excited about their bodies. Also, a good thing! An artist’s new series experiments with what it might look like if pin-up girl culture collided with Disney villains.

Captain James Hook

Aside from the notable exception of Disney Princesses As Hot Dogs from last week, Disney “reimaginings” have been played out for a while now. (Which makes the Rejected Princesses blog that much more essential.) Artist Andrew Tarusov’s series, though, injects some freshness into the concept by giving these villains a chance to vamp in a different way than we’ve seen. Everyone from Cruella DeVille to Madam Medusa gets their moment of seemingly voluntary objectification, as rendered in the same animation style which they were originally drawn.

Have you considered that perhaps you may have the hots for Ursula from The Little Mermaid? Well, you have now. Deal with it.

[via Bored Panda]

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