A Stunning Tesla Tribute, Skating The L.A. Drought: The Top 5 Ads Of The Week

James Franco goes the full Kravitz with Guitar Hero Live, Extra Gum gets romantic, and Bonds Australia gets ballsy.

A Stunning Tesla Tribute, Skating The L.A. Drought: The Top 5 Ads Of The Week

In honor of this week’s top picks in brand creativity, we plan to spend the weekend playing video games and skateboarding while chewing gum, not wasting water, and treating our genitals like royalty. Kravitz it up, good people.


Activision/Guitar Hero Live “Win The Crowd”

What: James Franco and Lenny Kravitz face the tough (digital) crowd of the new Guitar Hero Live.
Who: Activision, Guitar Hero Live, 72andSunny
Why We Care: In 2007, Guitar Hero sold 1.5 million copies in its first month, but by the time Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock rolled out in 2010, it sold just 86,000 copies, and by 2011 Activision axed the franchise. After a years-long hiatus, the game is back with some new bells and whistles that are admirably demonstrated by the seemingly random pairing of Franco and Kravitz. Will it return Guitar Hero to its former glory? Who knows. We do know use of the phrase “Kravitz it up” will increase exponentially.

Los Angeles Coalition for Water Conservation “Dustbowl Disciples”

What: A short film that’s part skate video, part short history lesson, part conservation call to action featuring skate icons Tony Hawk and Tony Alva, to give people another reason to conserve water in L.A.
Who: Los Angeles Coalition for Water Conservation, McGann/Zhang
Why We Care: While environmental reasons should be enough, this is a fun, creative soft sell to pitch conservation as a means to skate-selfish ends.

Wrigley Extra ” “The Story of Sarah & Juan”

What: A romantic epic chronicling young love and creative gum wrapper conservation.
Who: Wrigley Extra, Energy BBDO
Why We Care: It doesn’t quite reach the heartstring-plucking, tear-jerking heights of 2013’s “Origami” spot, but the brand here uses the same storytelling device to still delightful, if borderline schmaltzy, effect.


Bonds Australia “The Boys”

What: A ballsy dramatization of the impact of our undergarment decisions can have on our bodies.
Who: Bonds Australia, Clemenger BBDO Melbourne
Why We Care: Who knew a couple of oval wicker chairs and two dudes in golden unitards could so accurately embody the ups and downs of the testicular experience?

Sam O’Hare “Tesla – Fireflies”

What: To test his CGI chops, director Sam O’Hare created a beautiful all-CGI spec spot for Elon Musk’s electric car brand.
Who: Sam O’Hare
Why We Care: Not only is it noteworthy as the second top quality ad for Tesla that the brand had to pay absolutely nothing for, and beautiful proof of the power of CGI, O’Hare also smartly takes an unconventional car ad approach for an unconventional car brand. Read more about how and why he made it here.


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