Today in Tabs: The Nice Storm

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Today in Tabs: The Nice Storm
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“The content people are platform naifs and the platform people are often content morons,” wrote John Herrman near the end of yesterday’s Content Wars column about what Twitter’s new “Moments” feature is even trying to be. But the content/platform key party rages on nonetheless, with unfulfilled publishers groping awkwardly at platforms drunk with investment cash, while out in the ice storm the audience gazes wistfully at power lines overhead. Medium announced a write-only API yesterday, making it the internet’s leading “cloud storage for a bunch of images of jugs of piss.” Medium is also now a commenting platform, somehow? And even The Awl picked a key out of the bowl this time! Choire’s ready to “try some new ways of being with people.” Wink! Digg is a commenting platform now too, and it’s ready to hop into bed with everyone:


Launching on Friday, Digg Dialog will feature a conversation with writer Paul Ford about an upcoming feature on Wikipedia in The New Republic. Users will be able to sign in on the web with Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus and create a user name to ask questions. There will also be an overhauled Digg iOS app with the feature built in, says Digg’s design director Justin Van Slembrouck.

Digg, Paul Ford, The New Republic, Wikipedia, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and Apple sittin’ in a tree, S-Y-N-E-R-G-I-Z-I-N-G.

Google introduced “Accelerated Mobile Pages” (or “WAP 3.0“) which is not an obvious attempt to compete with Facebook’s Instant Articles but totally just something Google thought of a long time ago and was going to do anyway. It doesn’t even really know Facebook that well because they go to different schools. And over at the Washington Post, Chris Cillizza is directing his most energetic come-hither glances at Genius. Maybe annotation can “save journalism!” Or footnotes! 1

Meanwhile the New York Times just put out a memo celebrating a million online subscribers and plotting a future strategy of charging money for good journalism. Like that’ll ever work. Elsewhere in media goss, internet triangle shirtwaist fire The Huffington Post might be getting a union, and Penny Arcade still exists, and is still awful.

Self-described journalist Matthew Keys was found guilty on three CFAA charges yesterday, and faces a potential maximum sentence of 25 years in prison, although the U.S. Attorney told Sarah Jeong they would likely seek “less than five years.” As little as I want to support Matthew Keys in anything, this is totally absurd bullshit and if it withstands appeal, it will only be because:

Alleged collegiate floor-pooper Charles C. Johnson spent part of last night trying to negotiate with ex-Gawker and Florida Man Adam Weinstein to purchase Gawker’s “secret Kinja memos”. The whole thread is a treat. Rick Moranis is not retired. He just doesn’t act in any movies. There is, apparently, a difference. “South Carolina Is Infested With Floating Carpets of Fire Ants.” This ghost should have texted Jessica Roy instead. The content side of Digg has a great feature about the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. INTP, if you were wondering. Elon Musk clarified what he meant by “nuke Mars.” It’s still kinda supervillain-ey though. And finally, “Netflix & chill” is officially over.

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