Today in Tabs: The Night The Tabs Went Out In Georgia

That’s the night that they tabbed an innocent man

Today in Tabs: The Night The Tabs Went Out In Georgia
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Well the world didn’t end, regrettably, so let’s console ourselves with some good things to read today! In April, Greg Howard wrote about the failure of sports-Cosby Jason Whitlock’s “Black Grantland” ESPN project, The Undefeated. Whitlock was fired in June and bought out of his whole ESPN contract a couple days ago. Yesterday Howard returned with a second serving, this one about ESPN’s fundamental cowardice:


…the one thing all these incidents and allowances share in common is the way they express the cowardice of ESPN executives. Their refusal to acknowledge the realities of the world outside of sports—that there are scientifically sound ideas and crank ones; that there are not two sides to every issue; that there is a difference in kind between controversial or unpopular opinions and ludicrous expressions of bigotry and misogyny—is dishonest, a forfeiture of journalistic duty that is felt all through everything ESPN does.

It’s an outstanding piece of reported media criticism of the kind virtually no one else is doing right now, so go read it. Oh also, Whitlock lost it on Twitter and coined the #daddyshome hashtag, which should be a decent punchline for at least a week.

Noticing that our country kind of has a gun problem, Racket teen Alex Pareene made a convincing case that we need a gun control movement that takes after the anti-abortion movement:

If you believe, as this small core of anti-abortion crusaders do, that a fetus is a human infant, then unwavering fanaticism absolutely makes sense.

Meanwhile, a first-grader is self-evidently a human being. Yet when it comes to the slaughter of walking, talking persons, cut down helplessly by weapons specifically designed for killing, we behave as if nothing can really be done. When it comes to protecting the lives of actual children from gun violence, fanaticism seems to be in order.

Casey N. Cep made her long-awaited return to The Awl with a column about “The Night the Lights Went Out In Georgia” and other country-musical murders:

I’ve been thinking a lot about murder. Not committing one, but a few of them from a few decades ago, so my playlists have become filled with murder ballads…

Barrett Brown, who is still in prison despite Gavin Orsay’s best efforts, reviewed Jonathan Franzen’s “Purity” for The Intercept, and it’s funny and perceptive and not stunt-journalism at all:

The megalomaniacal information activist is admirably complex, but as a megalomaniacal information activist myself, I found him unconvincing. The one murder that serves to kick off the plot is perpetuated against an otherwise minor off-screen character rather than one of the several main characters whom the reader might have much preferred to see murdered. Franzen is also rather hard on the ladies, whereas everyone would have been better served had he instead been harder on himself and maybe put out a better book.

What if you threw a pee-wee football game and a dance party broke out instead? Michael Schulman wrote the first critique of the new Muppet Show that I agree with. The ABCs of Male Feminism. The most American movie ever made is Ghostbusters. After a shaky start, last Friday Lenny turned in a great interview with Michele “the bones of men who were foolish enough” Roberts, by Durga Chew-Bose, and issue 2 has an incredible story by Jazmine Hughes that I don’t even want to begin to describe, just go read it. Perl 6 is finally here???? I know it’s real because NTK covered it. Happy 2003 everyone! Stumptown babies, sing this song: wah waah, wah waah. Witch principal. Rogue cow. I don’t know, I’m just listing words at this point.

Today’s Mashup: Kanye West x Weezer, “Yeezer


Today’s Song: Unreleased Lana Del Rey murder ballad “Kinda Outta Luck” (#daddyshome)

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