This Chart Reveals The Most Name-Dropped Brands In Hip-Hop

There may be no other art form that incorporates commercial brands so seamlessly than hip-hop. As a reflection and expression of culture and the world around us, MC’s have long name-dropped their favorite brand names–from Run DMC’s “My Adidas” all the way up to A$AP Rocky’s “Fashion Killa.”

The new site M, by Macy’s, has analyzed lyrics of songs from the past two decades to create these charts mapping fashion-brand mentions by frequency and artist. Each chart offers up more detailed information by clicking on the various bars and lines. Like how Soulja Boy mentions Gucci in 27 songs, that future drops Versace in 11 songs, or that Nike makes an appearance in four Jay Z songs.

Have a closer look at the charts and see how often your wardrobe gets name-checked.