• 10.07.15

Watch Our Supercut of The Most Creative Ways To Kill Zombies On “The Walking Dead”

You will hardly believe how many common household objects can be used to completely obliterate a zombie’s cranium. (NSFW, obviously.)

“Innovate or die” is a popular slogan in the tech sector, but it’s even more apt for describing the pursuit of longevity when facing off against zombies.


Whenever I watch a zombie movie, I like to do a fun mental exercise called How Long Would I Survive the Zombie Apocalypse? The sad truth: not very long. Probably not even to the end of the opening credits, when the world’s first group of witnesses to hostile undead activity start stampeding away. That’s when I’d trip and fall, impaling myself on something quite sharp, which a more resourceful person would hopefully go on to use to take out a couple of skin-sacks in my honor. But that’s just me. The stars of your average zombie movie seem to fare far better at extinguishing brain-eating threats, while the gradually dwindling main cast of The Walking Dead have gotten zombie-slaying down to a science.

The reason Rick and the Walking Dead gang have made it all the way to the October 11 premiere of season six? It’s because they are innovators: hard-charging warriors of creativity who refuse to literally lay down and die when the enemy is coming in hot. If there’s a rock nearby, a zombie is getting its skull crushed; if there’s a chain-link fence, a zombie’s face and brains are getting shoved through like one of those Play-Doh molds that kids make star shapes with. And if there isn’t anything around at all, that zombie is getting its eye sockets filled in the style of bowling-ball holes and its head is coming fully off.

All of these deeply disgusting scenarios happen over the course of The Walking Dead. (While the F-word and nudity remain verboten.) Co.Create has combed through the first five seasons of the show and hand-picked the most inventive zombie kills that have happened so far. Have a look at the video above and take it to heart (and lung and the other delicious vital organs). Because whether it’s zombies or your competitors in marketing analytics, the rule is: Get busy innovating or get busy dying.

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