New PSA Tackles Taboos With Illustrated A-to-Z Of Sex And Disability

British disability charity Scope has been working for more than 20 years to change attitudes and help people understand and feel comfortable around differently abled people. In a new campaign, it’s upping the ante with an illustrated “A to Z of sex and disability” that tackles the most challenging of stigmas in a fun way.

The letters A through to H have been published so far, with the rest of the alphabet to follow throughout October. Each letter is given a topic. A is for amputee and B is for burlesque, for example, and all are illustrated by London-based graphic artist Pâté and supported with content that includes blogs, videos, and images.

For the letter A, amputee Alex Brooker, who presents the Channel 4 show The Last Leg, shares a story much of which may be familiar to some. He woke up after a night out in a strange place, with someone he couldn’t remember meeting; and if that were not bad enough, he could not find his prosthetic leg. “I cannot tell you the panic that goes through a person’s body when you cannot locate all of your limbs,” he says.

The A to Z is the latest installment of Scope’s #EndtheAwkward campaign, created by agency Grey London. Earlier this year, the charity created a series of films to help people deal with awkward situations, such as: What do you do when you want to shake hands with someone who doesn’t have a right hand?