An Animated Look At Our Dystopian-Yet-Musical Cable TV Future

There are few markets with so much currently on the line as the TV industry. So the idea that corporations with competing interests are trying to brainwash the human race into their way of thinking is perhaps not that far-fetched.

This new spot from U.K. TV platform Freeview, created by agency Leo Burnett London, deploys an Orwellian world, with a touch of Les Miserables thrown in, to encourage viewers to break free of the “conformity” to which other suppliers can tie them.

The rather epic two-minute animated film shows a “Hero TV” escaping from scenes reminiscent of 20th-century fascist rallies (complete with red and black logos). The TV meets up with a young girl, who is frustrated with her TV options and the pair, along with her cute dog, escape to a brighter world of happier viewing. Anyone who’s ever tried to extract themselves from TV subscriptions or contracts may sympathize with this scenario.