Underpaid? This App Wants To Make It Easier For Employers To Poach You

The taboo against discussing wages has been weakened by sites like Glassdoor, which allow employees to anonymously report their salaries, and some argue that salary transparency could be the key to ending the gender pay gap.

Now, a new app called Wagespot plots salaries on a map like Zillow plots home prices.

The app, which launches on Tuesday, for now has scant data; its founders seeded the map using public salaries of government employees, professional athletes, and CEOs. But all workers can now enter their incomes in the database. They’ll have options to indicate how much experience they have, along with their genders, ages, industries, companies, job satisfaction, and commute times—some of this criteria that any user can filter to search for anonymized salary information.

What is most interesting, though, is the company’s business plan, which is to eventually help recruiters connect with people who might be interested in new opportunities. “I know that if I’m a software developer and listed 10 years living in Los Angeles,” says Raphael Morozov, one of the app’s cofounders, “a recruiter looking at a recruiter-centric backend will say, ‘Hey, I have 15 different jobs who could pay this person more.’”

Glassdoor’s business model also revolves around recruiting, with products like job advertising, enhanced profiles, and display advertising, but actually recruiting based on salary data is a new frontier (or, rather, could be). Morozov says that users could choose whether to allow recruiters to contact them with jobs that pay better, and that the company plans to add recruiting features within the next three to six months.

“It’s coming,” he says. “Whether it’s us or something else, the change in salary compensation conversation is coming.”SK