This U.S. Map Reveals The Most Instagrammed Locations In Each State

Parks are highly photographable. Maybe they have statues, ripe for mimicking in poses. Perhaps there’s a perfect yoga meadow, or a garden in which one may literally stop and smell roses. It’s hard to beat the concept of a park for sheer number of potential photo ops for the average passerby or those who’ve gone there for a picnic or to play frolf. Don’t take Co.Create’s word for it, though. A new infographic revealing the most Instagrammed locations state by state has ‘parks’ at #1 overall.

Travel blog Busbud recently crunched the numbers to find the most popular Instagram destinations in all the land. The findings reveal not only the type of area the photo-sharing app traffics in most for each state, handily color-coded, but also specifically each state’s number one spot. (In New York, for instance, it’s the Empire State Building, if you can even believe that.) Beyond parks, wineries and zoos also made the cut. Imagine how many Instagrammable moments would occur if a bunch of wine-drunk tourists wandered into a zoo.

Have a look at the more detailed additions below, and learn how you can make strides toward not being the most cliche person in your Insta feed.

[via PetaPixel]JB