See Gorgeously Illustrated Depictions Of Fonts As People

The font you choose to convey your words also conveys a lot about you, in and of itself. Are you a Times New Roman kind of person: sleek, professional, and perhaps a tad stiff? Or are you more of a Comic Sans man, a total clown or maybe someone who just discovered the concept of irony like two seconds ago. If these fonts could talk, they would have a lot to say–and a new series takes us closer than ever before to finding out what that might be.

If Fonts Were People is a new series from design shop Love & Robots that puts faces to the lettering that bears all names. Created by the team at Love & Robots, the series not only imagines looks for the people who would embody the fonts we love (and also the ones we don’t), she’s given them backstories as well.

Ronald the Comic Sans, for instance, is “a young and troubled entertainer who came into being in the mid ’90s. As with most great entertainers, he is not afraid of a little controversy. Adored by children yet reviled by many, Ronald is known to have something of a sinister side, often showing up in places completely unsuitable for an entertainer of his kind. He’s been known to lurk around ‘Do not enter’ signs in toilet cubicles and on serious notices in Doctors offices. Once attempting to be taken seriously announcing the split and reformation of a Greek Government party!”

Sounds about right. Have a look through the other font-folks in the slides above and let us know which fonts you’d want to see–and what they might look like–in the comments.

[via Design Taxi]