The Levo 100 List Aims To Debunk Millennial Stereotypes

The Levo 100 features stories of successful young people, from Austin Brown to Chelsea Clinton.

The Levo 100 List Aims To Debunk Millennial Stereotypes
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Millennial-focused leadership platform Levo is launching the Levo 100 today: a list of 100 millennials trying to “redefine the world through their careers.”


Levo launched in 2011 as a female-focused professional network but has since grown to include men, too. The network is currently more than 80% women. The Levo 100 is also predominantly women and is divided into four categories: creatives, entrepreneurs, rising stars, and transformers. Misty Copeland, Ivanka Trump, Scooter Braun, Chelsea Clinton, and Austin Brown number among the honorees.

According to Levo, the list is meant to debunk millennial stereotypes, and the selection process assessed things like zeal instead of just financial growth.

“Often, we hear that millennials lack drive in their professional pursuits, so our mission with creating this exceptional list was to debunk those perceptions and shine a light on all of the incredible and noteworthy things that this generation is capable of doing,” says Levo founder and CEO Caroline Ghosn.

Earlier this summer, we pointed out that most millennials are not motivated by money at all, instead aiming to make the world more innovative and sustainable. And according to the Deloitte 2015 Millennial Survey, about 8,000 young professionals from 29 countries believe the world is getting business wrong today.

Levo reports that a third of the Levo 100 honorees had their “ah-ha” moment when they realized their vocation between the ages of 22 and 25. Another third of that group had it even younger: between 18 and 21. That doesn’t mean that most of the Levo 100 found their success right away: About half of those on the list had two or three jobs after college.

Unsurprisingly, many of Fast Company‘s Most Creative People appear on the Levo 100 list:


Ruzwana Bashir, CEO
Scooter Braun, Founder School Boy Records
Jennifer Hyman, CEO & Cofounder Rent the Runway
Meredith Perry, CEO & Founder Ubeam
Mark Ramadan, CEO & Cofounder Sir Kensington’s
Alexa von Tobel, CEO & Founder LearnVest
Tristan Walker, CEO & Founder, Walker & Company
Tracy Chou, Software Engineer Pinterest
Barbara Bush, CEO & Cofounder Global Health Corps
Yael Cohen Braun, Cofounder Fuck Cancer
Soraya Darabi, Cofounder Zady
Veronica Juarez, Director of Government Relations, Lyft
Janet Mock, Author, Advocate & TV Host
Alexis Ohanian, Cofounder, Reddit
Ben Rattray, CEO & Founder

To read more about the 100 millennials on the Levo 100, head over to Levo.