The Jungle Book On Vine, Nike’s Animal House: The Top 5 Ads Of The Week

Powerade tells NFL star Jimmy Graham’s story, Philips goes mountain biking in the dark, and the Muppets take the Emmys with Audi.

The Jungle Book On Vine, Nike’s Animal House: The Top 5 Ads Of The Week

At first glance, this might seem like a weird one. Why would Nike recreate a scene from a 1978 college comedy as a tribute to the University of Oregon? The swoosh is featured on this school’s major uniforms, but it adorns countless others as well. But after a deep dive into the connections between the school, the whole thing makes perfect sense.


Animal House was filmed in Eugene, Oregon. Co-founder Phil Knight ran track at Oregon and Bill Bowerman coached there. The original Nike athlete was Oregon track star Steve Prefontaine.

Okay, maybe it’s still a bit strange, but damn if it doesn’t get you singing to yourself. Read on for more about this clip and the rest of the week’s best in brand creativity. A little bit louder now, a little bit louder now, a little bit louder now . . .

Nike “Shout”

What: A brand tribute to The University of Oregon that recreates the toga party scene in the legendary comedy Animal House.
Who: Nike, Wieden+Kennedy Portland
Why We Care: Sure it’s a bit quirky, even cheesy, but no matter how many times you’ve heard it–on the radio, at every wedding ever–there’s just something about it that always finds a way to make you smile. Where this spot gets really good is when it points out all the current Oregon athletes and alumni in the film, including Modern Family‘s Ty Burrell and ESPN anchor Neil Everett.


Philips “Darklight”

What: Trailer for an upcoming full-length mountain bike film, shot entirely in the dark to showcase the powers of the new Philips Ambilight TV.
Who: Philips, Sweetgrass Films, Ahlstrand & Wållgren
Why We Care: After the brand’s previous success experimenting with action sports content, it was a no brainer to keep going. and once again, it appears we have a unique brand partnership that will be an entertaining film for casual and hardcore enthusiasts, that is actually relevant to the product.

Disney “The Jungle Book Vine”

What: Before any official trailer was released, director Jon Favreau sent out this delightful Vine of the first footage for the live action version of the Disney classic.
Who: Disney, Jon Favreau
Why We Care: A fun, simple way to stoke the fanboy fires. It was a perfect apéritif for the full trailer that landed just a day later.

Powerade “Churn”

What: The second installment of the brand’s “Just a Kid” campaign, featuring an inspiring dramatization of Seattle Seahawks star Jimmy Graham’s childhood and road to the NFL.
Who: Powerade, Weiden+Kennedy Portland
Why We Care: Told through a great story fans of Catch Me If You Can might recall, Graham’s inspiring rise to NFL stardom is the perfect tale for a goosebumps-inducing sports ad. The fact that it really sounds like Al Pacino telling it is just an added bonus.


Audi “Kermit Gets Set Up”

What: A silly featurette that somehow brings together the Muppets, Modern Family‘s Julie Bowen, How To Get Away With Murder‘s Viola Davis, Joel McHale, and an Audi.
Who: Audi, The Emmy Awards, PMK*BNC
Why We Care: Picking up right where the last Muppets media moment left off, the Emmys and Audi go Muppet-meta with a Hollywood power-lunch situation. It’s got all the charm these iconic puppets typically bring, but the funny might hit its high note when things don’t get racial at all.


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