Amazon Slashed The Price Of Washington Post Subscriptions For Prime Members

As of Wednesday, Prime subscribers can get the Post free for six months–after which it will cost just $3.99 per month.

Amazon Slashed The Price Of Washington Post Subscriptions For Prime Members
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Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is finally using the heft of the company he founded to bolster another of his properties: the Washington Post. Starting Wednesday, the e-commerce giant is introducing heavily marked-down Post subscriptions for all Prime members, according to Politico Media.


For the first six months, Prime users who opt into the subscription will have free access to the Post‘s National Digital Edition. Following that period, subscribers will have to shell out $3.99 a month, which comes to about $48 per year–still a far cry from the $195 subscribers currently pay yearly for digital access to the Post. An Amazon spokesperson did, however, tell Politico Media that the subscription was a “limited time offer,” so it may not be available indefinitely.

While the Post and Amazon operate independently of each other, this move will likely open the newspaper up to a new audience–one that may not have previously wanted to pay for access.

Bezos bought the Post back in 2013 for $250 million in cash; at the time, it was unclear what his motivations were for making the purchase, but the Post has since increased its readership significantly, so much so that it now clocks 90% of the New York Times’s monthly unique visitors in the U.S.

The Post‘s subscription numbers may be up in part thanks to Amazon’s heavily discounted subscription for Kindle Fire tablet owners, an offer that may have served as a test case for linking Prime membership with Post access.

[via Politico Media]

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