A Step-By-Step Guide To Making A $1,500 Sandwich In Only 6 Months!

You better savor every damn bite.

A Step-By-Step Guide To Making A $1,500 Sandwich In Only 6 Months!

Give Andy George four minutes of your life and you’ll never look at–or taste–a sandwich the same way again.


George, the host of the How To Make Everything series, spent six months assembling a sandwich entirely from scratch. And we’re not talking about some “semi-homemade” nonsense (Sandra Lee, we see you…): George grew his own vegetables, processed his own cheese, harvested his own wheat, killed a chicken with his bare hands, made his own salt from ocean water–just to name a few of his elaborate steps.

The total tab? $1,500. And how does it taste? Well…

In case you’re dying to throw six months of your life into one sandwich, here are George’s steps in full (some are obviously optional):


Step 1: “Grow a garden”
Step 2: “Get ocean water”
Step 3: “Make it through airport security” (coarse salt can look like a lot of things, people)
Step 4: “Pickle”
Step 5: “Milk a cow”
Step 6: “Ride a cow” (because why not?)
Step 7: “Pick itch weed”
Step 8: “Make cheese”
Step 9: “Harvest wheat”
Step 10: “Mage a huge mess in your apartment” (wheat is just out of control)
Step 11: “Collect honey”

Step 12: “Make butter”
Step 13: “Make bread”
Step 14: “Commit murder (this may or may not turn you into a vegetarian)
Step 15: “Assemble the sandwich”
Step 16: “Enjoy!” (or not?)


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