We Took Lil Jon’s New App Vext, And Turned It Into A Banging Club Track

Ready to “Get Out of Your Mind”?

We Took Lil Jon’s New App Vext, And Turned It Into A Banging Club Track

The king of crunk has anointed us with a new app–and in the right hands it just might the best thing that’s happened to texting since emojis. (We believe we have such hands–as you’ll soon see.)

Vext is a keyboard add-on that makes classic Lil Jon phrases (“TURN DOWN FOR WHAT?” “OKAY!” “TEQUILA TIME!”) as well as some standards (“WHAT’S FOR DINNER?” “LOL!” “RUNNING LATE!”), available to text. But it wouldn’t be “Vext” without a video component: Once you’ve copied and pasted the phrase you want to send, there’s a video of Lil’ Jon’s floating head shouting out your selection.

“As a technology guy, and someone in music, I’m on top of technology and social media,” Lil Jon says in an interview with BuzzFeed. “[First it was] beepers and then pagers and then texting and emojis[…]This seemed like the next big thing, and I’m excited to be down with it.”

Oh, trust us, Lil Jon–you’re not the only one who’s down.

Scrolling through Vext’s selection is like reading the lyrics to a deconstructed, slightly demented rap song. So we broke out the Scotch tape and Frankensteined Lil Jon’s phrases into what could easily become a banger coming to a club near you. Get ready to turn up for “Get Out of Your Mind (Let’s Do This).”

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