Game of Drones: See Aerial Footage Taken From The Set Of “Game Of Thrones” Season 6

The most unfortunate record Game of Thrones has broken–besides Highest Number of Difficult-To-Remember-Names–is Most Pirated Show Of All Time. Now, apparently, some people can’t even wait for the show to film before leaking out footage.

YouTuber Eye In The Sky recently put out some footage recorded by an
aerial drone soaring majestically over the set for the next season of Game of Thrones, which is currently in production. Although no information on the set’s whereabouts is provided on YouTube, early reports have suggested the sixth season is filming in Macedonia and Spain this year.

The footage at first just looks like really amazing video game graphics of a hillside and a rocky beach shore, before we get near some seaworthy ships that look unmistakably part of the show’s milieu. Although the title of the video insists that there are spoilers within, they must be rather subtle since they eluded Co.Create. Let us know in the comments below if you picked up on anything juicy.

[via Mashable]JB