Hey Programmers, General Electric Wants You To Know It’s A Digital Company Too

Over the last decade, startups have enjoyed a reputation as the most exciting employment opportunity for a lot of young talent. And why not, considering the hype and perks around companies like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Square, Uber, Dropbox, and countless others.

But in a new campaign dubbed “What’s the Matter with Owen,” by BBDO New York, the company aims to convince young programmers and developers who might be romanced by the notion of working for an app that puts fruit hats on animals, that plying their skills on connected machines and the industrial Internet can actually help change the world.

Directed by Tim Godsall, the ads introduce us to Owen, a college graduate who just got programming job at GE. He’s excited to developing programming that helps revolutionize the way the world works, but his family and friends have slightly different reactions to his happy news.

Nikun Khoongumjorn is a real-life “Owen,” who joined GE a year ago as an Industrial App Developer. Khoongumjorn says the reactions in the ads are pretty accurate. “The look of confusion is pretty common because not everyone thinks of GE as a software company, they think about appliances, or sometimes capital,” he says. “The sheer amount of software that is being written by GE is often surprising to developers outside of GE. Once they think about it though, it makes sense that a lot of quality software has to be written in order to get everything working smoothly together.”JB