Finally, The Self-Rolling Yoga Mat You Never Knew You Wanted

According to Aaron Thornton and Yu Tsai, you’re all idiots. You can’t even roll up your yoga mat without dropping it onto the dirty street, and getting the things into the trunk of your car is totally beyond your tiny brain. Their Kickstarter pitch video is like that scene from Zoolander where the models are in a gas station spraying petrol all over each other.

Their answer, for all you yoga morons, is the YoYo self-rolling yoga mat. It’s surprisingly neat. It’s pretty much like a regular yoga mat, only a little wider. The extra width accommodates a pair of strips that run the length of each side. These work like metal tape measures, staying straight when laid out flat but curling up on themselves as soon as they are given a nudge. To stop this from happening while you work out, the “concave” side is laid face down. To roll it up, you flip it and let it roll itself closed. The strips also keep the mat rolled, so you don’t need a strap, and this alone might be worth the asking price.

Unlike a lot of novelty yoga mats, this one appears to do its job. It has the requisite grippy surfaces so it sticks to the floor and also stops you from slipping, but it’s also thick enough: Too thin, and a yoga mat won’t protect the delicate bones in your ankle or spine when you’re putting weight on them. It’s also made from TPE, which our research shows is almost universally preferred to cheaper PVC.

And the YoYo Mat isn’t cheap. The Kickstarter wants a $79 pitch to preorder one unit. You might decide to just learn to roll up your mat properly instead.