5 Great Free Apps for Making Smarter Decisions

Cheaper plane tickets, better Amazon deals, movies you’ll actually like, and more.

When you were a kid, you leveraged a Magic 8 Ball to help you make decisions. Now that you’re all grown up, you have technology on your side–and hopefully your Magic 8 Ball tucked safely away in your closet, just in case.


They won’t make you psychic, but here are a handful of apps that can make it seem like you’re peering ever so slightly into the future.

1. Wring Every Last Penny Out Of Airfare Deals

Nothing stings quite like overpaying for a joyless, crowded flight. Hopper (Android, iOS) sifts through billions of flight prices in order to determine when you’ll be able to get the best deal. Simply tell the app where you want to fly and when you want to go there, and it’ll serve up a calendar with color-coded price ranges from green to red based on the deal. You can then save your search to get notified by the app when prices are dropping.

2. Score At Amazon

CamelCamelCamel (Web) is a robust price tracker that gives you access to the price histories of more than 18 million Amazon products. You can manually search for products, sign up for email alerts, or install the Camelizer web browser extension to view historical pricing data while you’re shopping–even on competing sites. CamelCamelCamel also tracks top deals from the past day and maintains a community section where other users can share deals they’ve found.

3. Weather Meets Wardrobe

Daily Dress Me (Web) is simple yet effective. The site determines your location or lets you choose from just about anywhere else, then serves up five days worth of sharply dressed clothing models in order to suggest outfits you’ll need based on the weather forecast. You can filter by men, women, Fahrenheit, and Celsius, with each day featuring a short writeup of humidity levels, possible rain, wind conditions, and other factors.

4. Let Your Phone Do the Typing

Scratching out screeds on a smartphone can be downright maddening. Try SwiftKey (Android, iOS) as a keyboard replacement. The more you use it, the more it learns about how you type, even pulling data from popular cloud-connected services you use in order to return incredibly personalized predictions. Just type your first word, and the app will suggest the next one right above the keyboard. 

5. Watch Better Movies

MovieLens (Web) lets you rate all the movies you’ve seen, and then builds a custom taste profile you can lean on when you’re not sure what to watch next. Recommendations can be fine-tuned with tags and granular settings such as “less violent” or “more realistic,” and there are plenty of trailers, IMdB links, and synopses to ensure you won’t spend two hours watching a dud.