See Your Favorite Old-School Cartoon Characters As Senior Citizens

The Looney Tunes and Disney cartoon characters many of us grew up with would be old enough by now to enter nursing homes. Lucky for them, most cartoon characters tend to age like the Simpson family—that is, not at all. They spend their lives in a literal state of suspended animation. Recently, however, an artist decided to see what it would look like if those characters physically began to act their age.

Perhaps the greatest thing about illustrator Andrew Tarusov’s collection is that he’s drawn all of the classic cartoon pairings as ongoing twosomes. Even the ones who antagonized each other are still together. Witness wrinkly old liver-spotted Tom and Jerry. The fact that they’re posted up side by side, presumably in a bingo tavern somewhere, means they must have buried the hatchet at a certain point. Aside from being funny and perhaps a little sad, these illustrations provide closure on whether Wile E. Coyote and Roadrunner would ever work out their differences.

Have a look at more images in the slides above.

[via Tastefully Offensive]JB