Rejected Iron Man Logos Offer A Look Behind The Scenes Of Movie Branding

What, you think they nailed it on the first go around?


Visual branding is important for any marketing campaign, but it’s especially crucial for a visual product like a movie, as it sets the tone for what viewers can expect for the two hours of their life–and $15–they’re about to hand over.


Film Sketchr managed to snag an interview with Fede Ponce, the freelance Creative Director responsible for branding some major Marvel films, including Iron Man. As part of that chat, Ponce was also willing to share some of the film’s rejected logo designs.

Fede Ponce via Film Sketchr

None of the proposed alternatives are objectively terrible, but none seem quite right compared to the final one that made it onto big screens. Mostly they either seem too cartoonish or too generic. I can’t decide if that’s a latent familiarity bias talking, or if the marketing team just settled on the right choice, but Ponce did offer some insight on the qualities which led Marvel to the final design:

“We go through a lot of iterations and concepts when designing. For this particular case, I had read the script and was able to grasp what the director wanted to talk about in this movie. The movie in essence is about redemption, about being broken and being re-born. So the main title had all those elements in it,” said Ponce.

For the rest of the interview (and more rejected designs), be sure to check out Film Sketchr.

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