Scientists On Twitter Agree: These Are The Cutest Animals That Exist

Every day, scientists in various fields are working to make the world a better place. They cure diseases, find solutions to complicated environmental matters, and unlock the doors to a sustainable future. Some days, however, their impact is instantly felt, like when scientists around the world participated in a cute animal comparison contest on Twitter yesterday like a techno-Darwinian miracle. The world is now an even better better place because of their efforts in advancing the field of cuteness.

It is uncertain at this time just how this event began, but somehow a vast army of zoologists and other animal experts and organizations engaged in a social media battle. Unlike, say, the Twitter feud between Drake and Meek Mill, this battle was to determine something people actually care about: which animals are scientifically the cutest. According to My Modern Met, the tweeters even started to form their own Twilight fandom-style teams, with hashtags like #TeamHerpetology and #TeamEntomology. (The technical term for both groups is: ‘dorkwad’).

Have a look at more consensus-declared cute animals in the slides above.

[via My Modern Met]