These Hidden Links Between Tarantino Movies Prove Everything’s Connected

You know about Big Kahuna Burger. You may have picked up on the Vega Brothers. But did you ever think about the dual role of Nurse Bonnie?

When asked about superhero movies in a recent, amazing interview with New York Magazine, Quentin Tarantino had this to say: “I’ve been reading comic books since I was a kid, and I’ve had my own Marvel Universe obsessions for years. So I don’t really have a problem with the whole superhero thing right now, except I wish I didn’t have to wait until my fifties for this to be the dominant genre.”


The dominant director’s love of comic books is obvious in his own films, in many ways–one of which is that he occasionally hints at these films occurring in a shared universe. In fact, he’s long been rumored to have a Vega Brothers movie that would star John Travolta’s character from Pulp Fiction and Michael Madsen’s from Reservoir Dogs. Based on the New York interview, that project does not seem destined for release any time soon. In the meantime, though, a new video from Screen Rant goes in on all the other aspects that recur throughout the Tarantinoverse.

“10 Hidden Connections In Tarantino Films” begins with the aforementioned Vega Brothers connection. Anyone who is OG Tarantino Fan enough to have followed the rumors of that potential movie will be rolling their eyes. “Tell me something I don’t know,” this hypothetical person might say. Beyond the invented brands like Big Kahuna Burger and Red Apple cigarettes, there are other, more obscure interrelated elements that make a whole lot of sense.

Consider the lineage of Lee Donowitz, Saul Rubinek’s flashy producer character in True Romance, which was written by Tarantino. The video reveals that Tarantino has suggested Lee is the son of Donny Donowitz, better known as the Bear Jew in Inglourious Basterds. Since the latter [SPOILER ALERT] died while burning down a movie theater–and let’s not forget, killing Hitler–it seems like cinematic destiny that the son would go on to be a filmmaker.

Have a look at the video and let us know in the comments if you’ve noticed any other connections in Tarantino’s films.