Key & Peele Reveal How Neil Degrasse Tyson Drops Science In His Home Life

Neil DeGrasse Tyson is a seriously smart guy who doesn’t take himself too seriously. So he should be totally understanding about the Key & Peele sketches parodying him which aired last night.

In a runner throughout last night’s episode, Jordan Peele unveils his impeccable NDT impersonation to reveal what the renowned astrophysicist is like in his home life. Turns out, not much different than he his at his job–or at least one of his jobs, host of the exploratory revival of the Carl Sagan show, Cosmos. Whenever Peele-as-Tyson is about to get into a domestic tussle with his wife, he turns on his Cosmos monologuing abilities to science his way out of a potential argument.

Now if only we could get Tyson to use his mind control powers to convince Key & Peele to keep going after this reportedly final season.

[via io9]JB