Watch a Hypnotic, Hilarious Homemade Ad For a Used Truck Nobody Will Ever Buy

This baby is priced to move. Unfortunately it needs a new battery first.

Full disclosure is important, even if it’s to your detriment.


Once, when I was apartment-hunting, a broker paused just before we crossed the threshold to let me know a tiny detail about the apartment. It seems its owner had left town for a while and entrusted the broker to look after things–oh, and they happened to turn one of the bathrooms into a giant litter box for the cat while they were away. Instantly my expectations dropped by about 1000%. The apartment ended up being fine, but sure enough, inside one of the bathrooms, the actual tub had become the Mount Kilimanjaro of kitty litter. It was disgusting. While I didn’t take the apartment, I appreciated the forewarning. Similarly, nobody in the world is going to buy the used truck in this ridiculously honest homemade ad, but a lot of people are going to appreciate his hilarious candor.

“This truck has been in the family for a while, and is time to sell it. Kristen can not drive it…so, it must go.” This vaguely worded warning precedes YouTuber Chris Murphy’s ad for a 1995 Ford F150. Frankly, the truck has seen better days. Over the course of Murphy’s endearingly ramshackle description, we learn that pretty much every part of it has a pinhole leak or worse. It’s a boy-scout-honest inventory of everything that is wrong with the car, which is a lot. About a minute in, though, we find ourselves inexplicably in trippy Tim & Eric territory, and it just feels right.

Perhaps Murphy can take a page from the playbook of Christoffer Castor, whose used car commercial ultimately led to a team-up with Volvo, and make some national magic happen with Ford. Either that, or he could just put every other item he owns up for sale and make me laugh forever.

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