A New Set of “American Horror Story” Trailers Has More Creepy Ghost Kids Than You Can Handle

Nothing is creepier than little kids, especially when they’re all preternaturally pale and blonde and prone to moving in unison. But in the new teasers for American Horror Story: Hotel, Ryan Murphy drops his creepy blonde ghost kids in as just one of three horrifying teasers that represent the chills to be induced in the coming season of his anthology series.

In addition to the Children of the Corn-esque terror-moppets, there’s a 15-second spot called “Sleepwalk,” in which we meet a character we’ll tentatively dub Mattress Dude, who makes the idea of being sewn into a pillowtop with thick cord seem downright unholy; and the denizen of room 64, who is using the peephole in the door to chillingly peer out and see who’s knocking. In all three spots, the images are accompanied by singer Heidi Feek’s haunting, minor-key rendition of “Heartbreak Hotel.”

American Horror Story may occasionally struggle to maintain a consistent narrative, but no one will ever question Murphy’s ability to find the horror in the mundane—and when he can make a guy using a peephole for its exact purpose, or being affixed to some comfortable bedding look like the stuff of nightmares, he’s just showing off.