Watch This Video That Will Almost Convince You Joffrey Is The Hero Of “Game of Thrones”

Few were sad when [SPOILER ALERT] Joffrey Baratheon died from eyeball-blood poison in the fourth season of Game of Thrones. A new video essay argues that perhaps everyone should’ve been bummed, though, having just lost the true hero of the entire series.

Yeah, Co.Create isn’t convinced either.

Last week, the Internet gave birth to the dubious fan theory that Daniel Russo was actually the bully in The Karate Kid, a bratty menace who wouldn’t leave the Cobra Kai be. Through clever editing, the video made solid points, even if the overall premise was a tad ridiculous. Rooting for Joffrey, however, is a much harder pill to swallow than decrying Daniel-san.

Joffrey was a sadistic boy tyrant with a high register that chafed against the ear. Frankly, he couldn’t die fast enough. In BloodBlitz Comedy’s video, though, the result of what they claim to be 50 hours re-editing Game of Thrones, Joffrey Baratheon actually looks like, well, a courageous leader of men. While the Karate Kid revisit slightly twisted the facts of the story to make them fit the theory, this video plucks moments from the show right out of context and adds swelling music to make Joffrey seem heroic.

It’s not enough to make us not wish valar morghulis on him, but nice try!

Watch a similar-themed BloodBlitz video, If Harry Potter Was The Villain, below.