See Classic Book Covers As Subtly Animated Gifs

Sometimes, seeing your favorite books brought to life means the bustling musical bouillabaisse of 2013’s The Great Gatsby. A new project manages a much more low-key way of doing so, however, with a series of animated GIFs of book covers that does not skimp on the Mr. Gatsby.

We’ve seen album covers set into mouthy motion before, but not like this. Created by Santiago, Chile’s Javier Jensen Book Cover.gif is a subtle celebration of literary iconography. Each GIF takes a classic book cover and illuminates one element. Whether it’s the swaying flowers and swirly Saturn of The Little Prince or the birds flying over Mordor in The Hobbit, the simplicity is what resonates.

Of course, in the future all book covers will be GIFs and books themselves will be uploaded directly into our eyeballs, so there’s an expiration date on how impressive this is. For now, have a look at other book covers in the slides above.

[via Boing Boing]JB