From Corporate Jargon To The Science Of Reading: August’s Most Popular Leadership Stories

This month’s most popular stories might lead you to pick up Tolstoy, speak more powerfully, and finally stop “circling back” on things.

This month, we learned what it’s like to work for Google before you hit your twenties, picked up some fresh speaking tips, and cut some of the most grating business jargon out of our vocabularies.


Here are the stories you loved in Leadership for the month of August.

1. What I Learned From Going On 100 Job Interviews In 8 Months

The longer your job search drags on, the more discouraged you can get. One job seeker looks back on a soul-crushing eight months of unemployment and offers advice on how to keep focused, stay the course, and avoid compromising.

2. Inside The Creative Office Cultures At Facebook, Ideo, And Virgin America

Some companies are better than others at encouraging creative expression. But it turns out those that do aren’t all in the same industry—or even similar ones. This month we saw how leaders in tech, design, and travel are building more creative workplaces.


3. I Joined Google At 19. Here’s What I Learned.

Falon Fatemi became one of Google’s youngest employees at a time when the company was just 3,000 people strong. Looking back, she explains how she “discovered that the Google lifestyle meant more than just an on-site laundry service and free gourmet meals,” and why it’s made her a better entrepreneur.

4. Eight Master Strategies For Public Speaking

The old days of standing in front of a podium and addressing a silent room are over. In the era of TED Talks and YouTube, audiences expect a more intimate, interactive experience. These eight tips will help you deliver your message in a way that resonates in 2015.

5. Four Types Of Useless Phrases You Need To Eliminate From Your Emails

You probably write tons of emails every day, right? Well, you’re doing it wrong. More of us are checking emails on mobile devices than ever before, which means brevity has never been more crucial. Here are four ways to help you master the fine art of getting to the point.


6. The Six Most Revealing Types Of Interview Questions

“So tell me a little bit about yourself” only takes you so far. Here’s a handful of more probing questions to help you gain a better understanding of what a job candidate is all about.

7. Vote For The Worst Business Jargon Of All Time

Are you leveraging your core competencies as synergistically as you could be? This month we pitted 32 of the most gratingly terrible business terms against one another to find out which one proved the worst of the worst–then dealt with it accordingly.

8. How Changing Your Reading Habits Can Transform Your Health

Feeling down or stuck in neutral? Try picking up a book. Psychologists are discovering, in the words of one expert, how “reading can offer richer, broader, and more complex models of experience” that can help us cope with stress in our own lives.


9. How To Take Advantage Of Your Brain’s Hidden Productivity Powers

Plenty of us compile to-do lists in our heads in order to stay on top of our tasks. But according to some researchers, “the reality is that mental lists distract you from other, more productive uses of your brain, like solving problems.”

10. Five Habits of Effective Introverted Leaders

You don’t have to be an outgoing type in order to be a good leader. In fact, some of the most effective change makers aren’t. Here’s a look at the five characteristics that great introverted leaders all share.